Lions Lair Slots

What a good time slot machine gamers will have playing Lion’s Lair slots ! The demo version that is found online is colorful and pleasing to the eye. It is a cheerful game with a jungle theme and a mighty lion as a symbol, known by all as King of the Jungle. A lioness symbol joins the lion along with the lion’s lair symbol, a zebra symbol. An animal footprint, a jungle flower, and other symbols that one sees on a deck of cards are used. The music is happy and well suited to the game, and is not the type of tune that gets on one’s nerves after a while.

Random Progressives and Maximum Spins

This game is an RTG (real time gaming) slot with five reels and twenty paylines. It does have a random progressive jackpot as well as free spins that are somewhat advanced. The coin value of this slots game ranges from $0.01 all the way to $5.00, and your maximum bet can be one coin per line. Therefore, you can have a maximum spin that will cost you $100.

Autoplay in the Jungle

There is an auto play option on this game that is accessible from the menu. To take advantage of this, the player simply selects the lines he or she wants to play, and the amount of the bet. The game does the rest, spinning automatically until stopped by the player, or until the money is used up.

Jackpot Spins

Jackpot spins can be generous. The largest jackpot is for four Lioness symbols. This gets a slots player $37,500 or 7,500 game coins. The next jackpot features four Zebra symbols and one Lion symbol, and pays 5000 game coins or $25,000. Five Lioness symbols make up the smallest jackpot, and the player receives 3750 game coins or $18,750 for this win.

The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol for this particular slots game is the Lion’s Lair symbol. It only pops up on the second, third, and fourth reel. If you should happen to get two or three of these symbols, the amount that you will win will be multiplied by the full amount of your bet, and you will go home one happy camper unless you put it all back into a slot machine!.

The Wild Symbol

The Lion is the wild symbol in this slots game. It can be a substitute symbol for any of the other symbols used in the game except for the Lion’s Lair symbol. This wild symbol can only be seen on the first, the third, and the fifth playing reels. If you are able to make a winning combination by using the Wild symbol, then you will receive a double reward. You will also hear the Lion roar!

Play Lions Lair Slots

Aren’t you curious about Lion’s Lair Slots? Play this fine game online today!