Mama Mia Slots

Welcome to Salvatore’s Restaurant, where the chef himself will entertain you with Italian songs and cook up some of his best Italian dishes. All of this and more can be found playing Mamma Mia Slots at Drake Casino. With fabulous animations, sounds, and lucrative payouts, play this delectable and mouth-watering slot game filled with bonuses galore.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 30-payline bonus video 3D slot, Mamma Mia Slots has a very interesting feature called Locking Wilds. We’ll tell you all about it soon. The coin denominations range from two cents to 50 cents, with a max bet of 150 coins. It is worth every penny to bet the max in this game due to the Locking Wilds feature. This is one of the most unique features of this slot game, and here’s how it works.

Locking Wilds

Before you begin play, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to “lock the wilds” with each spin to earn more money. Two icons: Spin (current bet, lock & spin) and Max Bet (bet max, lock & spin) will appear on the slot machine. Each will have the total number of pay lines and max bet. If you would like to activate this feature, simply click on OK. You can also click on any of the symbols on the reels to add or remove the wild icons. In fact, you can use the spin button for this feature. When you do, you will be literally locking the wilds shown on the reels while the bet amount continues to grow – up to 5xs. Use this feature wisely, however, as locking wilds in place could prevent you from getting other bonus features available in this game.


Chef Salvatore utilizes superlative adjectives each time you win. He even sings a bit, too. In his kitchen, preparing a wide variety of Italian dishes, the symbols in Mamma Mia Slots are apropos to this game and include: Salvatore, a Food Critic, Waiter, Wild Symbol, Dish Cover, Pantaloni, Newspaper, Wine, Pot, Knife and Veggies, Pizza, Menu, and Check Folder.

Make Your Own Pizza!

When you get three or more Pizza symbols, you will get five free spins. All the symbols change to toppings for the Pizza you will help Salvatore create. He prepares the dough and waits for you to spin. When you get any three like symbols, Salvatore will state the name of the symbol (i.e., tomatoes), and place them on the pizza. The free spins round is where you can win the 5000 jackpot. Get five meat symbols and win! Additionally, get 5 mozzarella symbols and win 2000 coins; 5 sliced olives will yield 1000 coins; five green peppers will win you 1000 coins; 5 onion slices will win you 750 coins; 5 anchovy symbols pays out 500 coins; and 5 tomato symbols pays out 250 coins. When the free spins round ends, your total prize is rewarded and Salvatore puts the finished Pizza in the oven.

The Click Me Feature

Get three or more Dish cover symbols and you will be asked to choose one of these three symbols that say Click me. The prize is awarded and the regular game will continue.

Critics Bonus Game is Fantastico!

Perhaps the most entertaining of all bonus features is the Critics Bonus Game. When you get three menu symbols, you will be taken to a second screen where the waiter runs into the kitchen to tell Salvatore that the food critic has arrived. Salvatore thinks a moment and then another screen appears in which you have to choose one out of five dishes that you think will score the highest. Once you have chosen the dish, the waiter will bring it to the critic and he will score it. Depending on the dish, the score is equal to your total winnings and ranges from low to high, or 1 star to 5 stars.

Mama Mia Mobile!

You can of course get your Mama Mia slots action on your home PC or Mac, or should you prefer, you may also spin the 5 food filled reels on your iOS or Android mobile device and enjoy the superb Mama Mia mobile slots. When spinning on your Android tablet or smartphone, iPad or iPhone you’ll find a fully optimized and easy to play mobile slot, and all of the fantastic Mama Mia slots features are all to be found. The tap and play action is as smooth as it comes and as many US online slots players have discovered, when playing Mama Mia mobile, the graphics and the animations really do give your mobile device a new lease of life.

Play Mamma Mia Slots at Drake Casino

Regardless what your heritage is, you are going to absolutely love Mamma Mia Slots. It is fun to play, thoroughly entertaining, and offers the lock wilds feature that can garner you incredible payouts. We highly recommend you play Mamma Mia Slots at Drake Casino.