Monster Millions Slots

Who would have thought that NuWorks would come up with two monsters named Bebo and Tang? Yet, they did and they are featured in the new Monster Millions Slots available at the US friendly Buzzluck Casino. (Between you and me, Bebo is a bit scarier than Tang; but that's just my opinion.) This is a wonderful slot game filled with a myriad of bonus features we know you will appreciate. You may even come to like these little monsters as they have an important role to play in securing you high payouts.

Game Facts

A 5-reel, 25-payline bonus video slot, Monster Millions has a jackpot worth 500xs your bet, but there is a caveat. You have to get all five Moon symbols to win. Get five Ladies, however, and you can win 7500 coins. The symbols in this slot game are: Bebo and Tang, the Moon, a Lady, Candle, Clock, and cards ace through nine. Bebo is one of the wild symbols and will appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. Tang is the other wild symbol and will only appear on reel 3. Bebo substitutes for all other symbols except Tang and the scatter symbol. When one or more Bebo symbols appear, your wins are doubled. Tang substitutes for all other symbols except Bebo and the scatter symbol. When Tang appears in a winning combination, your wins are tripled. However, if you get Tang and one Bebo in a winning combination, your wins are multiplied by 6xs. The Moon is the scatter symbol and will activate the bonus round when the Moon appears on reels 1 and 5.

Bonus Features

Monster Millions Slots has four different bonus features we'd like to tell you about. The first is the Monster Bonus. This is triggered when you get either Bebo or Tang on reels 2, 3, and 4. Once they appear, you have to select one of them to reveal your bonus prize which can be up to 500xs your trigger bet. In addition, either Bebo or Tang or both may also award you with a multiplier up to 4xs to increase your total payouts.

When the Moon Comes Over the Mountain

The second Bonus feature is called Monster Mania and it is activated when the Moon appears on reels 1 and 5. Once this occurs, a bedroom with seven hiding places will be shown. You will be asked to choose the hiding places where you think the Monsters are. You task is to reveal three of them. Choose wisely because the less attempts you make to find them, the more free spins you win. A total of 50 free spins is up for grabs! All wins are tripled. There is a retrigger feature that will garner you additional free spins.

Feature Guarantee and Instant Trigger Feature

The next two features are unique to slot games. The Feature Guarantee ensures that you will be able to play the Monster Bonus or the Monster Mania Bonus Round. There are rules to follow, so be sure to read the pay table before you begin playing. The Instant Trigger Feature allows you to activate the Feature Guarantee. So again, read the rules so that you are fully aware of what you have to do to succeed in this slot game.

Losing is Not an Option

Finally, there is a Win-Win feature. At the end of the Monster Mania Bonus free spins game, if the total wins are 10 times the trigger bet or less, you will have several win-win options. If the number of wins are from zero to two times your bet; from two to five times; or from five to ten times; you will be awarded a bonus prize accordingly.

Play Monster Millions Slots

The more you play Monster Millions Slots at Buzzluck Casino, the more you will grow fonder of little Bebo and Tang. After all, they are the ones that can secure you big bucks!