Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment is a leader in browser-based gaming software and has over 60 online operators use their CasinoModule and Casino Café platforms. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The first casino was launched in 2000 and was subsequently followed by another four. In 2002 the CasinoModule was released and shortly thereafter the first sportsbook licensee was signed up. In January 2005 the internal casinos were sold off and Net Entertainment became a pure software development company.  What are the CasinoModule and CasinoCafe platforms? CasinoModule offers the very latest in gaming developments, giving casino operators a competitive advantage in this market. CasinoCafe is built on CasinoModule, but the platform has been enhanced so that the games can be played in a physical environment.

Net Entertainment’s CasinoModule is not just casino games. It is a management tool as well. This management tool allows casinos to monitor in real-time, tournaments and players, which results in the optimization of their operations. Casino-Module has also been designed to manage millions of transactions on a daily basis.

Net Entertainment’s CasinoModule currently supports over 20 languages, which is important since the casinos play to an international market.

Net Entertainment’s CasinoCafe games are played on standard PCs in public places such as bookmakers, Internet cafés and hotel chains. This means that players can make very limited wagers while there is greater access as well.

Net Entertainment offers full game support in over 20 languages. Thus, it is very easy to attract new players from a variety of countries. This makes CasinoModule and Casino Cafe a great choice for casinos around the world. According to Net Entertainment’s mission statement, their goal "is to provide the best internet gaming solutions, using cutting edge technology and expertise. With years of development and casino operations behind us, we deliver solutions that are robust, scaleable, secure and cost-effective."

Net Entertainment Slots For Mobile Players

Net Entertainment has been in business for 20 years, and they know how to create slot games that online players will truly enjoy. Another big influence NetEnt has made on their players is their mobile games. There are a total of more than 80 slot games for mobile players including Blackjack. Not many brands offer this many mobile games. But since mobile devices offer instant communication and gratification, we will see more and more games added to not only NetEnt, but to other brands as well.

Why Net Entertainment Slots and Casino Games are so Popular?

NetEnt was founded in 1996. They have grown to become one of its more important game developers, serving the world’s best online casinos with equally impressive games. NetEnt produces a range of gaming software which casinos across the web are regularly drawn to using. But some of their games stand out more than others, and it’s their slots genre in particular that has made them such big players in the industry. NetEnt slots are renowned for having some of the best graphics you’ll ever experience in the genre, coupled with stunning animations and exciting game features that keep players coming back for more.

NetEnt Feature Preview is Priceless

Their slot machines are graphically stunning with superior values, not to mention feature packed. Many include a button called the "feature preview" that allows you to see what the game's bonus round looks like without having to spend a penny. Players love this!