Who is Ned? Why are His Ads being Pulled in Australia?

Neds is the latest online bookie from Australia. Within the two months he has been operating, he has had two of his ads banned from TV. The apparent reason for this is that he has maliciously gone against the Australian Standards Bureau by his unorthodox antics. Moreover, Neds pulled the despicable ad from his website and You Tube. An example of one of Neds ads is: “There is a commercial in which a man gets into a crowded elevator, presses all the floor buttons, and takes out his smartphone to read Neds online betting offers.” Two other ads were also flagrant displays against the ASB: “Neds ads, one of which depicted a male bettor in a clothing store change room continually handing his female partner more items to try on so that he could have more time to wager. Another ad showed a man letting a little old lady go in front of him at a supermarket checkout so he can have more time to wager, while the other spot showed a man receiving a telemarketing call, then telling friends it was his work on the line and excusing himself to another room.” These ads have been subject to complaints by the Financial Counseling Australia with a statement iterating that the gambling industry has overstepped what is reasonable” Granted, Neds ads are way out there, but you cannot simply bundle him with the entire gambling industry.