I have played and reviewed my fair share of thousands of online slots, but I have never encountered one like Cubee. It is quite indescribable; however, I will give it a shot. The slot itself has no reels. Instead at the center of the slot is a blue energy ball. On one side of the slot is a Cubee (a happy cube like creature) and on the other side of the slot is a Cubee monster. At the top of the slot are 4 icons which make no sense, and at the bottom of the slot are the usual buttons such as Win, Bet Amount Progress, Spin Button, Auto Play, and Bet. The highest bet amount is RM50.00.

Playing this Very Strange Game

When you click on the Spin button, the blue energy ball goes into action and several symbols appear. I cannot tell how many lines there are because there are no reels. In any case, when symbols match, the Cubee on the left eats them. If a Wooden Bat from the Stone Age appears, it bops the monster on the head. When you get three or more same like symbols, you will win.

The Symbols

Spike is the Cubee symbol that stands to the right of the slot. The Pirate Cubee stands to the right. Other Cubee characters include Lucifer, Casper, and Bones. There are free spins and multipliers in this game. The max you can win in this odd slot is 50,000xs your bet.

Play the New and Very Unusual Cubee

Before you play this game, I strongly suggest you read the pay table. It will explain how the game is played; show you the symbols and payouts; as well as the special features. This is one slot you will not soon forget! RTG, you have gone over to the dark side in creating this game.