Max Quest Slots

No doubt you have heard of Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Slots, the new slot game now available from Betsoft. Mind you, we call it a slot… it isn't anything like any other slot game you might have played to this point.

We do think this is destined to be a hit though. There are three main reasons why we have come to that conclusion. Read more about them below.

It's not a slot

The last thing you should expect to see when you start this game is a set of reels. There are none. You can still win multiples of your bet amount as you play, but you will be purchasing bullets rather than spins. That would put a different spin on any game, wouldn't you say?

The game is very detailed and while it is complex to start with, it does get easier to understand what is happening and how to play. Fortunately, you can try this one with virtual credits in practice mode to start with.

It strays into virtual gaming territory

This is a game that asks you to try and shoot some of the enemies and monsters that appear when the game begins. Not exactly your average slot game, we think you will agree. There are hidden treasures within, not to mention mummies and other frights that may appear in a game based on ancient Egypt.

The virtual gaming element of the Max Quest title is easy to see. This will appeal to those people who already enjoy involved gaming. We guess those players will end up making this their game of choice whenever they choose a Betsoft title to try.

It provides a chance to get involved in a game alongside other players

There is a reason why you are prompted to create a username before you can start playing the Max Quest game. There is a leaderboard that goes alongside the game. While you can win prizes inside the game just as you would if you were playing any slot, you can also score points while playing and completing other tasks. The better you are at doing this, the higher you will go up the leaderboard.

That means there is a chance you could scoop a portion of the prize pool that is allocated to the leaderboard winners. Could you be one of them?