Reel Poker Slots Comes to Liberty Slots Casino

We are very excited to announce that Liberty Slots Casino has just unveiled its new slot game Reel Poker . If you love slots and poker, you can play this game right now as Liberty is giving you $5 to try it for free!

About Reel Poker Slots

This is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot that incorporates a deck of 52 cards. The payouts are huge especially when you get a five-card winning combination just like in a regular poker game. A straight, for example, will pay 13xs your bet, but the Royal Flush, the daddy of all poker hands, will pay out 10,000xs your bet. Yes, you heard it right!

Moreover, Reel Poker Slots has three jackpots: a Major, a Minor, and Progressive. The first two jackpots are paid out randomly and can be activated at any time. When you get a Royal Flush, however, you will win the Progressive Jackpot. Here are some more interesting facts: when the Minor jackpot reaches $75, it will pay out. When the Major jackpot reaches $750, it will pay out. These are called the “must win” balances. Liberty Slots states that there have been Minor Jackpot hits five to six times a day!

Join Liberty Slots Casino and Play Reel Poker Slots

You can use the instant coupon code RPS2016 to receive your free $5 to try Reel Poker Slots . This special promotion will end on December 31, 2016.