Meet Wonder Woman

There was a recent show about women of power. They cited all of the great women of our time including heroines who were real and those that were fictional. Perhaps the first of these women who paved the way for others is Wonder Woman Slots. Fortunately, as with all great women, a slot game would eventually celebrate her existence in history.

Wonder Woman Slots

Wonder Woman Slots is a 5-reel, 50-payline bonus video slot. It should also be noted here that there is another such slot game that has only 9 pay lines. However, this 50-payline Wonder Woman Slot is the newest. In addition, there is a special feature to this game. It is called the Bonus Bet. To the right of the spin button, there is a bonus bet button that you can click before you play. This will allow you to make a bet of 60 credits instead of 50. It also unlocks an extra bonus feature. Other bonus features in this game include: 8 free spins; The Ares Showdown; and the Bonus bet feature that could win you 50xs your bet per line when the scatter prizes appear. This is a fabulous slot game that will keep you occupied for hours. Moreover, it will empower you, as most great women of history have. Play the new Wonder Woman Slots at our featured casino.