Improved Version of Tri Card Poker at

Being a little familiar with some of the table games at , I decided to try my “hand” playing the new version of Tri Card Poker. tells us that the table games have been updated and thus, Tri Card Poker being one of them, it is truly one of the easiest games to play. I was quite surprised!

How to Play Tri Card Poker

Honestly, it reminds me of Blackjack, only this time you are dealt three cards face up. First, you place your bet (I chose $2), then the cards are dealt. It’s just you and the dealer. The dealer’s cards are face down. The bottom line is that your hand has to be better than the dealer’s hand. Once you see your cards, you can raise or fold. I raised and won $8.00 on the first hand and $8 on the second hand. If you don’t like the hand you were dealt, you can fold. But once you raise, the dealer’s cards will be turned over. Now according to some, you should raise if you have a Queen-Six, Four or better. I had an Ace in the first game and a King in the second. The 2nd and 3rd cards were high enough for me to believe I would win. Coincidentally, the dealer also had an Ace in the first hand and a King in the second hand. So the two other cards I had beat his. So there! If you get a pair, you can place a side bet and win on that pair regardless of whether or not you beat the dealer. The most you can make in this game is a 40:1 win if you have three consecutive cards in the same suit – i.e., Ace, King, and Queen.

Play the New Tri Card Poker at Casino

I truly enjoyed the game and as stated, it IS the easiest game to play once you know the rules. Take a shot! You can instant play it for fun or for real money. “Try” Tri-Card Poker at casino.