Poker Bet

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Although poker is not my strong suit, Bodog Casino has just introduced a new specialty game called Poker Bet. Essentially this is a Texas Hold ‘Em poker game played at a table for six players, but also allows you to bet on any hand on the table during the three stages of play. Let’s take a look.

Game Facts

Before playing, we recommend you read the game information to better understand the nuances of this game. Each seat starts with a wager of $5.50. Once you hit the deal button, you can then make a wager on one or more hands. There is a “bet” button that you can click on to place your wager. There is a “stake” and “return” window that shows you the amount returned based on the wager you make. There are up and down arrows allowing you to wager from a penny to $100 or more. The return is clearly shown the higher the wager. Additionally, at the top right of the screen you will be able to bet on the Winning River Card Suit stake by select a color suit; and the Winning Turn Card Color as well. Conversely, at the bottom of the screen you will be bet on the winning hand based on the order of winning hands shown.

Playing the Game

The Deal button is located at the bottom center of the table. Once clicked on, the cards will be dealt. Once the cards are dealt, the bet button will appear at those seats where there is a possibility of winning. If you see an “X” at any seat; that means the hand cannot win. Once all bets are placed, the Flop button will appear and once clicked on, three cards will be dealt. The odds will once again change and all final bets are to be made. When the Turn button appears, you can make a bet o the Winning River Card Suit. Finally, the River or last card will be shown to determine the winner of the game. All returns will be revealed at the end of the game.

Play Poker Bet

If you are a Texas Hold ’Em player, or are new to this popular game, now is the time to get in on the action at Bovada Poker and practice play until you fully understand how to play this fascinating game. Once you do, you can play poker online for money with the big boys.