Monopoly Series of Slots

Most people are familiar with Monopoly, arguably one of the best board games in the world. It’s been going for decades now, and there have been lots of variations on the original theme too. So, it was probably only a matter of time before we got a slot game based on the board game that we all know and love. It was clearly a success because Barcrest, the creator of the game, has since gone on to release several more. If you want to know what to expect from these slots, read on.

There are plenty of familiar elements to look for

Perhaps one of the most familiar parts of the original game is the various playing pieces. These regularly pop up in the slot games too. You’ll find happy memories of getting competitive with friends and family members are likely to crop up as you play! Community Chest, Chance, and the Go to Jail element might also appear in various versions of the Monopoly slots.

The games differ markedly from each other

Try Monopoly Big Event and you will have a great time. Switch to Monopoly Bring the House Down and the experience will be very different indeed, albeit still very entertaining. The same applies with Monopoly On the Money. It would have been very easy to make just a few simple changes with each new release of the Monopoly slots series. However, Barcrest has put a lot of work in to make sure we can appreciate every part of these games. There is nothing here you won’t enjoy when you play.

Each one takes Monopoly to a new level

The original game stays very much in the mind as you choose one of these slot games to try your luck with. However, while the games stay close to the original idea, they also strike out in new directions. If you are a fan of Monopoly, we would be surprised if you didn’t enjoy every single slot release Barcrest has come up with. There is no news on whether there might be another new one on the way, but we wait and hope for positive news on that front. Their slots have brought Monopoly in front of a new audience, and that could mean lots of opportunities to enjoy some great gaming with one of our favorite board games not far from our minds.