20 New Casino Games Released by Bovada Casino

Never in the history of online gaming has one casino release so many games at once. Welcome to Bovada Casino, one of the highest rated online casinos in the world and one who has just released over 20 new casino games that you will absolutely love playing! As unprecedented as the release of these 20 games is, more importantly they consist of slots, video poker, and specialty games. For online slot players, 16 new slot games are now featured at Bodog and we have played them all! They are exciting, offer very unique bonus features, and comprise the classic to contemporary variations.

Play New Casino Games at Bovada Casino

Slot players will have a field day playing the new slot games at Bovada Casino. They are diverse, exciting, theme-based including some of your favorites such as fruits, parties, 7s, ancient civilization, Olympics, pirates, tropical isles, and world themes as well. So fasten your seat belts because you are in for the ride of your life.

Slot Games

Here is the list of the 16 new slot games featured now at Bovada Casino! These are all must play slot games. We know! We played them! With high payouts, bonus features, and new and unique bonus games, play these slot games now at Bovada Casino. Players from all US states are welcome to register and play:

New Video Poker Games at Bovada Casino

Video Poker players rejoice! Bovada Casino has added 4 new video poker games to their portfolio that are exciting, different, and where you will earn very high payouts! They are:

  • 4-Line Coliseum Poker - a game played with 4 decks of 52 cards and where you can play 4 hands on four different lines to combine winning hands.
  • Face the Ace Poker is a variation of Jacks or Better poker game.
  • 4-Line Face the Ace is similar to Face the Ace Poker but instead it uses 4 decks in four separate games.
  • Shockwave Poker begins with Jacks or Better, and then moves on to give you the chance to get four-of-a-kind to enter the "Shockwave" mode for 10 hands. Get four of a kind Shockwave for a bonus payout

Specialty Games

We don't often talk about specialty games, but Bovada Casino has added 7 of the most interesting specialty games to their repertoire. This gives Bovada Casino the title of Specialty Games King, with the most games in this category ever assembled in one casino.

  • Soccer Potshot is a video game variation of Japanese Pachinko vertical pinball!
  • Hockey Potshot is a video game variation of Japanese Pachinko pinball
  • Jackpot 7 Lotto: Lotto fans will love playing Jackpot 7 lotto at Bovada Casino offering multiple ways to win this popular numbers game.
  • Lucky Wheel is a video game combining roulette with hi-lo. You will have fun spinning and winning the lucky wheel at Bodog.
  • Cards Super Hi-Lo is a video game where you guess whether the card drawn will be higher or lower as well as guessing the suit and color.
  • Roll Up is a video game based on Hi-Lo, but has multiple ways to play using cards, dice, and slot games.
  • Bingo Scratch is a wildly popular game in itself, but Bodog has taken it to another level with 18 scratch points!
  • Poker Bet is a Texas Hold'em video game giving you the opportunity to bet at any of the 3 stages during the game and bet on as many seats as you want to as well.

Play at Bovada Casino Today!

Never has so many casino games been released at one time and Bodog has the distinction of providing slot players, video poker players, and players who love specialty games to enjoy these high quality, easy to play, exciting, and most entertaining game right now! So what are you waiting for? Play the all these new casino games at Bovada Casino today!