Why Are Slot Sequels So Popular?

Most slots are standalone entities. Every now and then, though, we encounter a sequel to a slot that has been around for a while. Slot sequels are usually very popular, and there are some good reasons why that is the case.

They build on the success of the original

Sequels are usually only released when an original game has proven to be a big success. The software developer who created it might then think about developing another slot that follows along the same lines or goes into similar territory.

If they have a successful slot, it makes sense to try and replicate that success. In doing so, they'll use some familiar things that were much loved the first time around.

They extend the story - usually with the same characters

Most slots have characters in them - even if they are not all human. They could be animals, aliens, or anything in between. These characters are part of the success of the original game, so it makes sense to bring them back for the sequel too.

In some cases, the same story will come back as well. For example, in As the Reels Turn - a three-part series from Rival Gaming - we return to El Paradiso, the setting of the first two slots. The main characters appear in more than one slot, with the occasional newcomer popping in as well. This is one of the best examples of how good a sequel can be.

People who love the first game are almost guaranteed to play the second

Think about it - how many slots have you absolutely loved playing? No doubt a few will come to mind as you read that. And how many of those slots would you play a sequel for, if you had the chance? You'd probably play a sequel for most if not all of them. That's because the originals were so good, and you'd hope the sequels would be just as good as well.

The great thing is, there are plenty of slots out there that do have sequels. Cosmic Quest has a sequel, while Scary Rich has proven itself as another successful trilogy of games from Rival.

Other developers have also come up with good sequels, so check out as many as you can today. You may well find some new favorites in there - and if you do, it's good to know you can play more than one version of those games.