3 Halloween Slots

Halloween… it's a spooky time of year, wouldn't you agree? That's the whole point, of course, and it does mean you can look forward to playing some themed slot games designed to bring out the best in October 31st.

It's difficult to choose three highlights from such a vast and impressive collection of spooky slots. But we have tried to do just that here. Will you agree with this spooky selection, or are there other slots you prefer to play on Halloween?

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This is truly horror-filled, just as the movie was. Freddy and his razor-sharp fingers appear to the left of the five reels, on which you can see various characters from the movie.

There are various special features in this game, including the Never Sleep Again bonus. The idea is to stay awake for as long as you can and to select items to help you. You'll win something for each item until you nod off. There is a Pick Me bonus too, and you can also win up to 30 free games.

Abandoned Park

Sounds creepy already, right? Check out the image that appears as the game loads. That's creepy too. This five-reel game includes a freaky witch head as an expanding wild. It also includes a bonus Admit One ticket that must appear three times to unlock the bonus feature.

The bonus is a simple picking game, so you must begin to choose items to see if they conceal credit prizes. Throw in a win multiplier and a jackpot and you might want to pay this Abandoned Park a visit.


Several slot games go by the name Halloween, but here we're focusing on the official movie-themed slot from Microgaming . You'll spot Jamie Lee Curtis on the reels as they appear in front of the house seen in the movie.

The five-reel game with a 3-3-4-4-4 formation gives us 50 lines to win on. There is a lot to look for too - the Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus, the Boogeyman Bonus, some free spins, and a wild. Who says you cannot have everything?

These are three of our favorite Halloween slot games. There are plenty more out there you can try too. No doubt this year will see some more new releases. Which ones will you play come October 31st, when it's dark and there could be monsters nearby?