3 Slot Games to Play at Bovada Casino

When you visit the huge slots selection at Bovada Casino, you can sort through the games according to various factors. One such option is to look only at three-reel games. There are lots of them there to enjoy, and we think some of them could become huge favorites for you.

We've chosen just three of the huge collection available. See if you agree with our choices. Could one of these be a big success for you?

Flea Market

We just love this theme? Normally, a Flea Market Slots is somewhere you'd pick up bargains, old trinkets, and other odds and ends. Here, it is all about fleas running a market stall. Well, of course! The ring is used as a wild, but it also pays out for one or two appearing on the single payline. three rings on the line should be your aim, though. A single-coin bet would bring a 4,000-coin return, but if you wagered two coins, you'd win 10,000 in return.

Costume Party

This is another hugely popular game, and when you load it, you will see why. If you think all three-reel games look the same, you will soon see this one stands alone as something unique. There are three reels, but they are shown as three separate people, all in fancy dress. The challenge is to get one complete character, instead of having a person made up of two or three separate costume pieces. As such, it's a lot of fun as well as offering some cool prizes.

Major Moolah

We couldn't leave this one out. Major Moolah comes with a famous progressive jackpot, which can go into five or more figures. You'll need to place a bigger bet per line to play this one. You can only use a dollar coin each time, and up to three coins can be bet on the line. With that said, the progressive jackpot is only won by someone betting three coins and receiving three of the MM logos on the payline. If you're happy with a three-dollar bet per spin, this is the game for you. It's got one of the biggest progressive pots for a three-reel game we've ever seen.

There are lots of other three-reelers in this collection at Bovada Casino as well. Be sure to check those out. You might find some super winners in there.