Flea Market Slots

No doubt most of you have been to flea market at least once. Wait until you play Flea Market Slots! It is hilarious in that the sellers are fleas, and each time you win, fleas come running across the screen. Another unique point about Flea Market Slots is that it only requires 2 coins. The sounds you hear are the buyers bargaining with the flea sellers. This is a classic slot you will come to enjoy playing over and over again.

Game Facts

A 3-reel, 1-payline slot, Flea Market has coin denominations suitable for all slot players. It ranges from 10 cents to $25, with a max bet of $50. Now you might say that's a bit too high, but I promise you betting the max in this slot game will be essential in winning the top prize of 2000xs your bet. Another feature, which is quite new and different, is at the bottom of the slot machine between the account balance and the play for reel boxes is a lucky charms box. Here you can choose your own lucky charm, akin to many slot players who bring their own charms to land-based casinos. Just click on it and choose the charm you this will bring you the most luck.

Market Symbols

The symbols in Flea Market are both classic and new. There are lollipops, a chest of drawers, and three different colored bars - single, double and triple, and the diamond ring. It is the diamond ring that you want to watch come up with each spin. It is a wild symbol and will pay 2xs your bet when one appears and 4xs your bet when two appear. Get all three rings and you win the gigantic payout. To the right of the slot machine you will find the symbols and corresponding numbers. If you bet the max of $50, just times it by the number associated with the winning symbol. Thus, a single bar with a diamond ring will win you $100 on a $50 bet. Three rings, when betting the max, can yield 10,000 coins.

Play Flea Market Slots

For the most enjoyable game, classic style, I invite you to play Flea Market Slots at our featured casino. It's fun, yields high payouts at almost every other spin, and has a jackpot that can't be beat!!