Major Moolah Slots

Major Moolah, designed by Rival Gaming, brings you face to face with three of the biggest sets of reels you have seen in a long time for sure. They look the part of the old progressive slots and they certainly also act it too. Progressive slots have a pot that each spin on that game makes a contribution towards. While this game is played at USA casinos, it is a single shared pot, so there is one prize growing ever bigger. There are many smaller prizes but the top prize is in lights right at the top of the screen, growing in real time.

The backdrop graphics are a not so subtle reminder of the big money you are playing for and are made up of piles and piles of glittering golden coins. Play Major Moolah Slots, it's easy, adjust your bet settings and sit back while it spins on autoplay. There are no play-it-yourself bonus rounds, just bet and spin.

The money is mine!

The last time the jackpot was won it was bubbling at just under the $10,000 mark. While for a progressive slot this may not seem like a bundle, it is in fact for players who prefer to play small and still take home more than they ever dreamed! The slot has a single payline and a fixed coin size of $1. You can and should add the additional 2 coins to play the max bet of $3. Each coin activates a column in the paytable found on the left of the screen.

It may at first look complicated simply because of the long list of varying symbols that can be found on the reels. By taking a look at it you can see that the payouts for each of the winning combinations are increased proportionately. So for example betting one coin will pay 100 for 3 red sevens, if your bet was two coins your payout would have been double, and had you decided to make a $3 bet, the payout would have been triple at $300.

Choosing to bet on the third coin is only beneficial when it comes to winning the top dollar prize. That is after all the very reason you are playing this game, isn't it? The top paying combination will only pay out on the third coin.

Play to win

In amongst all the traditional big jackpot symbols you will also find some interesting new ones. The Major Moolah logo is the symbol you are looking for. This blue and gold icon is recognizable with two semi-transparent M's superimposed over a star. You will need all three playing max bet to win the progressive. The gold coin with the embossed star is another new symbol on the reels. This symbol is the next highest payer and is so valuable that it even pays out a small reward for just making an appearance.

Take a look around to see the other familiar favorites. There are variations of sevens in blue, gold, red and platinum. The BAR symbols, stacked as many as three high pay out for 3 of a kind or for a collection of different colored symbols, so there are many opportunities to take home a win.

Easy does it, easy wins it

Classic slot lovers unite, this progressive jackpot is within the reach of anyone and everyone. Get your progressive hat on and open an account to make the most of this neat and simple game.