Texas Might Offer Casino Gambling

Texas has always been considered a Conservative state. It does not have liberal ideas. Therefore, it is no surprise that casino gambling is not allowed in this state. Other states have folded and allowed casino wagering to operate. However, this has not been the case in Texas. However, more and more people within the state would like to see this form of wagering.

No Casinos Currently Allowed

However, some people believed that this might be the year that Texas does change its legislation to allow casino gaming. 2013 might be the year that the legislators adopt a change to the current bill. If this happens, it will change laws that have prohibited casino wagering for the past 100 years. This will also mean that casinos will be able to become established in Texas.

Casino Proponents

These changes can occur on the tail end of the current economic crisis. Proponents for casinos in Texas said that establishing them will cause an increase in state revenue. This can be as much as hundreds of millions of dollars which is needed during times when the budget to vital areas such as education is being cut. Many people who reside in Texas approve that casinos should be allowed in the state. However, this would take a positive vote from 67 percent of the state Legislature.