Who Did a $100,000 Winner Attribute Her Good Fortune To?

A woman who played at Liberty Slots Casino online won an incredible $100,000. She stated that this turn of good fortune was a “message from God.” It all started when this unemployed worker from Pennsylvania receive free spins that subsequently activated a bonus game that added up to a monumental win. After an incredulous winning streak playing Dragon Master Slots, Miss J. increased her wager to $225 per spin. After she won the free spins, she amassed $25,000. She didn’t stop there. She then chose another slot game – Black Magic Slots – and quickly won the bonus round to the tune of over $29,000. Just a few minutes later, she won $10,000 on the same slot game. Still on a hot streak, she decided to play La Cucaracha Slots and won over $18,000. She sealed the deal later on playing The Reel Deal Slots and won another $17,000! She accepted her winnings as a sign from God that she would find a job. You see, she recently became unemployed. We congratulate Miss J and wish her well in finding that new job.