Paris Beauty Slots

Paris Beauty Slots

Enriched with Parisian symbols, the five-reel, twenty pay line Paris Beauty Slots simulates a trip to the city of love. Designed by Real Time Gaming, you stand to win up to 9,000 coins with bonus rounds. Other exciting features of this slots game include free spins, scatter bonuses and a random progressive jackpot.

Paris Beauty Slots is easy to play. Click the online help tab during game play if you need to refresh yourself on the winning combinations and prize levels. Newcomers to the game can play for fun to learn the game before placing a bet with money from their account.

Parisian Beauty Comes to Life

Realistic drawings of croissants, paint palettes, artists, the mysterious French lady, the Arc de Triumph and the Eiffel Tower fill the five-reel screen. Add to this mix common poker symbols that include a nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace.

Like all things French, game play is fun and fast-paced. Sound effects start out with basic slot machine noises, but the right combination, such as two Eiffel Towers or the artist and the French lady, lead to inspiring French melodies alerting you to a win.

Paris Beauty Slots Game Play is Enjoyable and Easy to Follow

Start by placing your bet (minimum 1 cent to a maximum $100 depending on your original bet and the number of play lines.) To win the three highest jackpots,, place the maximum $5 per line bet. You're aiming for four artists and the painting of the lady ($22,500); four Arc de Triumph images with the French lady ($15,000); or four paint palettes with the French lady or the alternative that is five artists ($7,500),.

Win free spins by landing three or more Eiffel Towers on Paris Beauty Slots reels. Prizes double during the free spins increasing your chances of winning up to $45,000 in doubled prize money. If you spin at least two additional Eiffel Towers during your free spins, you trigger the re-spin feature for additional prizes.

When you get at least two of the scatter symbols, the Eiffel Tower. Getting three Eiffel Tower symbols multiplies your total bet by two; four symbols by ten; and five symbols by one hundred. With these scatter symbols, your prize money increases rapidly.

Enjoy an Unforgettable Trip to all Things Parisian

Many online casinos offer the enchanting Paris Beauty Slots game. Look for generous welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses that can quickly increase the value of your initial deposit.

Spin the wheel, enjoy the Parisian-inspired music and see if the mysterious French lady will make an appearance. When she does, you are certain to be richly rewarded.