Animal Arcade Slots

Talk about a slot with a twist! Wait until you play Animal Arcade Slots. It is like nothing you’ve ever seen. No reels, no pay lines – but it is just like a board game.

Who is the Developer of this Slot Game?

Arrow’s Edge is the provider and always comes up with the most unusual slot games.

How is the Game Designed?

Animal Arcade is a very unique slot game. Akin to a Monopoly Board, there is a Highlighter that goes around the board for three seconds, then stops. There are 16 animals on the board including the Free Spin and Double Win symbols. There are no reels or pay lines. The Spin button is to the right of the slot below the Pay Table icon. To the left of the slot is the Coins icon, which will allow you to place bets.

Is Animal Arcade Available for Demo Play?

Because this game is SO unique, you will want to play it via Demo Play/Practice Play to see just how it works.

What is the Theme of this Game?

The theme of this game is Animals.

How to Play the Game

Before a Spin, the player will choose the symbol or symbols that they want to bet on and also the amount of the bet on each symbol they choose. Once the player hits the spin button, a Highlight will travel around the board in a clockwise direction for approximately three seconds. When the spin stops, the Highlight will land on one symbol which is the paying symbol. The subsequent spin rotation will begin from that board position. The spinning is always clockwise except when it’s originated by the Double Win that spins both ways simultaneously.

What are my Betting Options?

Players choose the amount bet on each animal symbol. The payout multiplier is displayed for each animal symbol. The player can select between zero and $10.00 to bet on any single symbol, in increments of $.50. The total bet value for the spin is equal to the sum of the different bets for all symbols.

Where Can I Find the Pay Table?

At the top right of the slot is a pink circle with three horizontal lines. Click on it and you will be able to view the Paytable, Basic Rules, and Features.

Are there Special Symbols and Features in this Game?

There are two special symbols in this game: the Free Spin and the Double Win.

Free Spin Symbol

If the Highlight stops on the Free Spin Symbol, that spin is Free and the bet amount will be returned to the player. Plus a free re-spin starting from that board position automatically begins.

Double Win Symbol

If the Highlight stops on the Double Win symbol, a double free re-spin starting from that board position, one spinning clockwise and the second spinning counter-clockwise will commence. As a result, two prizes will be won.


Symbol Multiplier: Every symbol has its own multiplier as you can see from the layout of the slot machine. The multiplier ranges from 2xs to 100xs. Think of this slot as a Monopoly Board.

What is Animal Arcade’s Return to Player?

The RTP is 94.44% max.

Can I Play Animal Arcade for Fun and for Real Money?

Arrow’s Edge games are available for free play and for real money play. Just go to any of our recommended casinos and you will find the game.

Is Animal Arcade Available for Mobile Users?

You can bet on your favorite animals at any time and in any place, as the game is fully mobile compatible and it can be enjoyed on all Internet connected smartphones and tablet devices.


I suppose the word “arcade” in the title should have given me a hint that this slot game would be extraordinary. And it is! Arrow’s Edge always surprises, and Animal Arcade is no exception. I highly recommend you play this game at our participating casinos. It’s fun, lucrative, and in its own way – a hoot!