Pharaoh King Slots

Ancient Egyptian theme-based slots are always a favorite among US players, and Pharaoh King is no exception. This is an older slot game that pretty much will cover your entire screen. There are card symbols and one page for the pay table. It is a one dimensional slot game, although the Pyramid symbol and the Fire symbol display rudimentary animation.

About the Game

Pharaoh King Slots has three keys on top of the slot machine. They consist of Red, Blue, and Green. You will need to find these three keys to unlock the tomb. You will also note that this is a progressive jackpot slot as well. There is no Auto Play button in this game. However, there is something very different about the game. When you read the pay table, it is there that you will have to choose the number of coins per line you wish to bet. The pay table will show all the symbols, payouts, and special features.

Playing the Game

This is a pretty straightforward game to play. The Scarab is the jackpot symbol and if you bet all 5 coins per line, and get all five Scarab symbols, you will win the progressive jackpot. The Scatter symbol is the Pyramids. Get all five of this symbol to win 10,000 coins. This symbol will pay on any line and any reel. The Wild symbol is the Fire symbol and substitutes for all other symbols to form winning combinations. It does not substitute for the scatter, scarab symbols, and key icons.

The Bonus Game

Here’s where the three keys come in. When you collect all three keys, you will trigger the Bonus Game. The bonus round consists of the following: On a second screen you will be shown 7 Egyptian jugs. You will be asked to select a Jug to win a prize. Once you see the Collect sign, this bonus round is over and your total prize is awarded. I won 6000 coins in the bonus round.

Play Pharaoh King Slots

This is a very good game to play if you are new to online slots. Obviously the bonus round is critical to the game, and you can really win high payouts if you select the right jugs. The keys come pretty quickly, so you can look forward to playing the bonus round many times. We invite our US players to join us and play Pharaoh King Slots at our preferred casinos.