Monster Pop Slots

I have to say that I really enjoyed playing Monster Pop Slots. It is fun, unique, and believe it or not, very lucrative. The symbols encompass all kinds of one-eyed, two eyed, and three eyed colorful creatures. This is a Cluster Slot, meaning that with each spin you can win lots of money just on one spin. The symbols drop down, and those that form a winning combination are then replaced by falling symbols from the top.

Who is the Slot Game Developer?

Betsoft is the provider.

Can I Play this Game for Free?

This game is available for free play which can also be referred to as Instant Play and Demo Play.

What is the Theme of this Game?

Cute Monsters

How is the Game Designed?

The symbols are a kaleidoscope of colored monsters with a background similar to a cave. You may notice that on both unusual stones, there is the Fibonacci circle which begs the question as to where these little monsters hail from.

What are the Coin Denominations for this game?

At the bottom of the slot, you will see the minus button to the left and the plus button to the right. To choose your bet, you can easily scroll across to make your wager. Coin values range from 25 cents to $25.00, which is the max per spin.

How May Reels and Pay Lines Does this Game Have?

Monster Pop is a 5x5 reel slot that will increase to a 13x13 Cluster Slot game. There are no pay lines in this Cluster slot.

What is the Jackpot in this Game?

The highest payout in this game is 2270.6xs your bet. The highest paying Cluster is $1,000 if you get 101-1000 sized clusters. When you spin the reels, you can easily make multiple combinations on just that one spin.

What is the Return to Player for this Game?

The RTP is 94.67%.

Where is the Pay Table?

At the bottom left of the slot, click on the Question Mark and you will be able to access the pay table, detailed rules, options, and the auto play.

How Do You Play This Game?

Monster Pop starts as a 5x5 symbol grid. Each time the Monster Cloner appears, it will expand the grid by cloning vertically, horizontally, or both. This will duplicate the entire row or column, adding a Wild Oracle Eye in its place for extra chances to win. The grid will continue to expand as more Monster Cloners appear and does not reset during the Free Spins round. Also, look for the Oracle Eye Wilds as they will help to form winning combinations.

Are There Free Spins in this Game?

Yes. It’s called the Flaming Sphere Free Spins. When you get three Flaming Sphere symbols, you will receive 7 free spins plus 1 free spin for each of the Spheres. During this round, every additional Flaming Sphere will add 1 more free spins. Here is the breakdown: 3 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 10 Total Free Spins 4 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 11 Total Free Spins 5 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 12 Total Free Spins 6 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 13 Total Free Spins 7 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 14 Total Free Spins 8 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 15 Total Free Spins 9 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 16 Total Free Spins 10 Symbols = 7 Base Free Spins and 17 Total Free Spins All Cluster pays are multiplied by your bet amount.

What is the Monster Fury?

If a spin awards no wins, the monsters have a chance to get angry on your behalf. They can either create a Cloner Bomb which will spread Monster Cloners around the grid, or they will Shuffle within the grid with identical Monsters grouping together to create for winning combinations.

Can I Play this Game for Fun and for Real Money

Yes. Since this game is an Instant Play/Demo Mode game, all of the games at our top Betsoft casinos will give you the opportunity to play this game for free and for real money.

Is Monster Pop Slots Open to Mobile Players?

This game is compatible with Android and iOS devices so you can play this game anywhere and at anytime.


While playing this game for only about 10 minutes, I managed to score $500 on the max bet just by the cluster pays alone. Although this game may seen a bit childish, I can assure you that you will capture win after win with each spin. Therefore, I highly recommend you play Monster Pop Slots at our recommended online casinos.