Worldcup Mania Slots

In this soccer theme-based slot, we have what appears to be an okay game. But when you read the pay table, you will be astounded at the payouts. World Cup Mania Slots is akin to a quiet person who, deep within, has ready to bust out. Well get ready for this game to “bust out.”

About the Game

You really can’t see much of the stadium except the top tier with a few people trying to watch the game. This is sometimes called the “nosebleed” seats. The symbols reflect the title’s theme, and the card symbols are deeply colored as to not detract from the other wonderful symbols in this game. At the bottom of the slot, are buttons I have not seen before. The Info button is to access the pay table. The Collect button allows you to collect your winnings. But here’s what’s new: Line 1 button, 3, 5, 7, and 9 followed by bet one, max bet, Auto Start, and Start. We definitely recommend you read the pay table before you begin playing the game. The WOW utterance will come immediately.

Playing the Game

If you bet the max on all lines (playing all lines) using the buttons Line 1 through Line 9 below, the bet max dollar amount will appear on each line. Now get ready for this. If you can bet the max, you can win $500,000 if you get all five Trophy symbols; $75,000 if you get all five Whistle symbols; $75,000 if you get all five Pizza symbols; $40,000 if you get all five Beer and Hot Dog symbols; $40,000 if you get all five Hamburger symbols, and $25,000 if you get all five Fries symbols. The cards pay out 10,000 to 9,000, respectively. The Soccer ball will substitute for all symbols. The Horn Blower will trigger the free spins round when you get all three. Here you will be awarded 10 free spins.

The Risk Game

If in the manual control mode of the device the spin pays off with the appearance of the winning combination of icons, the player will be given access to the round for doubling his or her winnings. This feature can be activated by one of the two buttons: Bet Max and Bet One. After a risk-game is launched, a card appears on the screen. Its rank is unknown to the player, since it is displayed face down. The task is to guess the color of its suit. To do this, one must use the Bet Max button to select black, or Bet One to select red. If the player is wrong, the last win is canceled. In the case of a correct choice, the last win is doubled, and the risk-game can be continued. World Cup Mania Slots will put you in a manic mood. When you come upon the high paying unbelievable payouts when betting the max, you’ll have to decide how much you can afford. Either way, this game is already a winner.