Antique Riches Slots

If you've ever been to an Antique Shop, you are well aware of the antiquities you can find if you're lucky enough to spot them. Antique Riches is a refreshing new slot game. Unlike other slot machines where you have to click on three lines, a plus sign or a question mark - Antique Riches Slots breaks the mold with a unique way of going to sections of the game. On the right middle side of the slot is the Spin button. After each spin, a Menu button appears on the left. Click on it, and you will find a Line Page, an Options page, a Line Bet page, and the Help Screen. It is the latter, wherein you can access the paytable and rules of the game.

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Genesis Gaming.

Antique Riches Slots in Demo Mode

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Antique Riches Slots is an Antique theme-based slot.

The Design

The design of Antique Riches Slots is stunning, with a wooden border surrounding the slot. Simple, yet elegant. At the bottom right is a price tag showing 25. That is the number of pay lines in this game. Even the card symbols are in period dress, not taking anything away from the regular characters.

Type of Slot Game

Bier Fest Slots is a 5x3 bonus video slot.

Number of Paylines

There are 25 pay lines in this game.

Betting Options

The betting options begin with one cent up to 40 cents, with a max bet of $10 per spin.

Paytable Location

Click on the Question Mark at the bottom right to access the paytable.

Bonus Features with Free Spins

  • Antique Collecting
  • The Scatter is the Antique Riches Logo. When it appears on reels 1 and 5, the player receives one antique item. The Wild is the Antique Shop Logo.
  • The four main symbols are collector's items, including a Blue & White Dish, an Antique Clock, a Necklace, and a Silver Beer Stein.
  • Collecting Instructions
  • Whenever two scatters appear on reels one and five, the player collects one item. The player continues to order items to trigger two features.
  • Antique Pick 'em Feature
  • When five antique items are collected, this Feature will commence. Here, the players can choose from 15 items until a collect sign appears.
  • Auction Bonus
  • When ten items are collected, the player will receive ten free spins. Whenever a Scatter symbol appears on the reels, the player can sell one of the items for a credit reward. If all ten items are sold, the player is handsomely rewarded. Within the free spins round, all wins pay left to right and right to left.
  • Collecting Auction Bonus
  • The sale prices are as follows:
  • Antiques
  • 1 and 2 = 1 credit each
  • 3 and 4 = 2 credits each
  • 5 and 6 = 3 credits each
  • 7 and 8 = 4 credits each
  • 9 = 5 credits each
  • 10 = 100 credits each
  • 11-20 = 20 credits each
  • All prizes multiplied by the total wager.

Return to Player

The Return to Player is 95.50%.

Players Rate Antique Riches Slots

Players have given this game a popularity score of 5.

Slot Game Winners

There have been several winners playing Antique Riches Slots.

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Mobile Availability

Antique Riches Slots is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.


Antique Riches Slots

These days, many people are finding antiques in their attics, thrift stores, garage sales, and many other places. The worth of these antiques brings unimaginable amounts of money to the finder. If you have ever watched the Antiques Road Show, you know what we mean. Antique Riches Slots is an antique in and of itself since we have never seen another slot like this one. It is a gem and a lucrative one at that—Play Antique Riches Slots at our top participating online casinos.