Cosmic Elements Slots

Cosmic Elements Slots is a Woohoo Games creation and pits players into a mystical, heavenly atmosphere with much mythos and influence from Japanese culture. This is a game with five reels and ten paylines and allows players to harness the mysterious elements of light, darkness, water and fire just to name a few!

A very high return rate and great replayability make Cosmic Elements Slots a true fan favorite with a ton of earnings potential! The moment players see the rising sun loading screen they will be immersed into a game of mystique, wonder and fortune! Swirling mystery symbols that resemble purple, floating clouds can actually act as transforming scatters and provide the last link in a match that has unearthly riches within!

The free spin logo is quite easy to see and beautifully animated and will intrigue players as it bounces around from reel slot to reel slot becking to be matched so it can provide its otherworldly bonuses! The light symbols animated into the game resemble that of a beating heart sun, and honestly provide a supernova of riches when struck during a free spin phase. Collecting these light symbols help players accumulate the true jackpot!

Cosmic Elements Slots contains reels that resemble ancient tiles with drawings and scriptures of the old world. The beautiful artwork displaying nature and japanese calligraphy will ease players into the world of its visual appeal and the striking musical tones of old Japan will definitely strike a chord as well. Players will be pleased with the low entry fee of a tenth of a credit per wager, and as this is a resource more for new players to get accustomed to slots, the max wager is only a singular credit per play.

It is a given that this slots game is more for thematic value and new players to get acquainted with the genre as the buy in is low, the payouts are fantastic and the rate of payouts are fantastic! It is up to the player to develop the elements and harness them in a way that they match and unveil the unlimited wealth on screen! This five reel setup with the ten paylines will be more than enough to intrigue even hardened players, there is a lot to learn here and there is a lot to earn! Free play is available to new players as well who want to dive in and learn the dynamics of Cosmic Elements Slots!