El Torero Slots

But what does it mean? There is more than a hint of Spanish in that title. Without needing to translate, you will soon see the game focuses on the head to head that occurs there between a bull and a matador. While this is a popular – if controversial – attraction in Spain, it might prove popular here for you as well. You may never wish to see a bull for real, but finding them in this game has some distinct advantages for you.

Reels and paylines

Five reels are presented on the screen from the start. However, the lines have been restricted to provide just 10 to play on.

Coins you can select

It’s possible to start with a bet of one cent per line here. The highest you could go during play is a $2 coin per line. While you can choose the lines you want to play on, covering the lots means you won’t miss any potential prizes.

Valuable symbols used in El Torero

There is a wild here, but it isn’t the bull. Instead, the matador takes on that role. He can substitute for everything except for the bull. This acts as the game’s scatter symbol.

Are there bonuses here too?

One bull might be frightening, but if you see three in one spin you will receive 10 free spins in return. These aren’t just ordinary spins though. Whenever the matador appears, he will stay in the position he appeared in as a sticky wild for however many spins remain. So, if you find several wilds during the free games, you could end up doing rather well in prizes, depending on where those wilds land.

Download and play El Torero slots now

The game is very nicely presented and is quite easy to understand. The limited number of paylines is good too, as players will easily be able to cover the lot. Then, of course, we have the one-cent minimum line bet too.

All these elements make the El Torero slot perfect for newbies. We also like the presence of the sticky wilds whenever we get the chance to play those free games. You cannot guarantee how many wilds will appear during those 10 spins, but a little luck might produce some pleasing wins for you here. Face the matador and the bulls and see whether El Torero is worth playing for a while.