The Forbidden Tomb Slots

The Forbidden Tomb Slots has some "hidden" treasures that players will enjoy. One such feature is the Pyramid on the right side of the slot with a blue number in the center. Below it is a spinning 3D triangle on a compass. It is for the 10-round countdown to Wilds. Other features include Wilds, Free Spins, and the Buy Bonus Features.

Slot Game Developer

The provider is Nucleus Gaming.

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The Theme

The Forbidden Tomb Slots is an Ancient Egyptian theme-based slot.

The Design

The design of this game is terrific. We are inside a temple that may, perhaps, lead to a forbidden tomb. If you look through the middle of the slot, you can see inside a dark room. The symbols, beautifully designed, reflect the genre of this game. For those of you who have been to the Pyramids of Giza, entering King Tut's tomb is pretty easy to do. However, you have to climb the stairs backward for the largest Pyramid.

Type of Slot Game

The Forbidden Tomb Slots is a 5x4-reel bonus video slot.

Number of Paylines

There are 75 lines in this game.

Betting Options

The betting options range from 20 cents to $20 max per spin. Use the up and down arrows to place your bets. Depending on the bet size, the payouts. i.e., the more you bet, the higher the symbol payout. The Buy Bonus Feature will also change with the bet size. As it is, the highest payout is $60.

Paytable Location

Click on the small I at the bottom of the slot to access the paytable.

Bonus Features and Free Spins

  • Explore the Forbidden Tomb
  • The Forbidden Tomb is a particular progression game played in 10 rounds.
  • Each time you spin, the Mystic Compass Device countdown is 10 to 0. The Compass symbols will convert into Pyramid Relics which, after ten spins, will turn Wild.

  • The Wilds
  • Each time a Mystic Compass occurs on the reels, it will convert to a Pyramid Relic. The relics will remain in position until the countdown reaches zero. After the relics turn Wild, the Counter will reset. 5xs Wild symbols on a pay line act as a 5xs Tomb Spirit payout.

  • Free Spins Round
  • When you get three Tomb Entrance symbols, you will win 15 free spins. The free spins mode consists of 5, 7, or an epic ten characters scattered anywhere on the reels. With each spin, the Wilds will go to a new location.
  • The Tomb Entrance symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4.

  • The Buy Feature
  • You can buy Free Spins and control how many Wilds you will see per spin.
  • The Buy Feature awards players with 15 free spins. The cost is as follows:
  • $540 for five Wilds
  • $1,000 for seven Wilds
  • $1,900 for ten Wilds

Return to Player

The Return to Player is not available at this time.

Players Rate The Forbidden Tomb Slots

Players have given this game a popularity score of 10.

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Mobile Availability

The Forbidden Tomb Slots is compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices.