Madonna Lucky Star Slots

Madonna’s Lucky Star Slot came with a $10 million dollar deal with Aristocrat to license this game. Upon viewing this game on You Tube at a land-based casino, we can tell you that the slot itself has a wide screen at the top of the slot so that you can view her videos throughout her career. We also caught a glimpse of a huge dome in Pink that scrolled Madonna over and over. Below this dome we seemed to have encountered four different slot machines. According to the video, the slot itself is a multi-slot game. Thus, each of the slot machines has its own theme and unique play that also feature Madonna’s hit songs, which can be viewed on the wide screen above the slot. In fact, each time you win a specific set of combinations with a photo of Madonna as she was singing a particular song such as Madonna’s Material Girl, the screen will indicate that you have hit the Material Girl Win.

Game Facts

At the bottom lower left hand corner of the slot, we saw the big 1¢ sign, perhaps indicating that this is a penny slot. At the top of the slot, we can easily see the 6 different jackpots. They are: Grand, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The latter three, Gold, Silver, and Bronze are the lowest paying jackpots. There are 5-reels in this slot game.

Special Features and Madonna Symbols

There are a myriad of special features depending upon which slot machine you play. There is the Holiday Win, the Material Girl Win, and the Lucky Stars Re-Spin Win. The symbols are quite amazing. There is the Lucky Star Logo symbol, a Wild symbol, Madonna Logo, Madonna photos at various times in her life, jewelry, sunglasses, microphones, a Bonus symbol, and Madonna’s Red Lips.

Play the New Madonna Lucky Star Slots

While there are additional special features in this game, we will provide them for you in a brand new review of this slot game. At this time, however, we invite you to come along with us to play Madonna Lucky Star Slots at our preferred casinos.