Ragnarok Slots

Ragnarok is defined as the Twilight of the Gods or a series of future events foretelling the deaths of major figures including Thor, Odin, and Freyr. The game’s theme is Norse Mythology and has been described as epic. Visually, Ragnarok is stunning and quite lucrative. We have reviewed any slots in this genre, but this is one slot game that will take you to a place you’ve never been. The bonus rounds are explosive!

About the Game and Symbols

Ragnorak is a 3x5 bonus video slot with several exciting features. When you first view this slot game, you will find the usual buttons at the bottom of the slot including Auto Play. The coin values range from one cent to 10.00 per line with a max bet of 250.00 per spin. Scatters pay up to 50x total stake. Five wild symbols pay 1,000x line bet. There are 3 Feature levels. The Return to Player or RTP at optimal play varies from 94.502% to 96.516%. (More about RTPs at the end of this review). Be sure to read the pay table as it contains the top three characters as well as payouts, special features, and rules of the game. Among the three main characters, you will also find Norse symbols and their home of Asgard – Valhalla - (another fabulous slot game). In this game you will go through different bonus rounds as you collect Runes throughout your game play. The more you collect, the greater choice you’ll have choosing the different features.

Playing the Game

Feature Level 1: The Rune Collection

You will collect the Runes so that you can unlock different feature levels. You will collect Runes randomly after any bought spin and collect 1 Rune for any triggered feature.

The Thor Feature

When you get three or more Scatters, this will trigger the Thor Feature. You will be awarded 10 free spins with all wins paying out 2xs. If you get three or more Scatter symbols, this will trigger an additional 10 free spins.

Feature Level 2

If you collect 15 Runes, you will unlock the Ragnorak Level Two Game. When you get three or more Scatter symbols, this will activate the Thor or Freyr bonus feature. You will be taken to a second screen where you will choose either feature.

  • The Thor Feature: You will be awarded 15 free spins with a 3xs payout. Three or more scatters will give you an additional 15 free spins.
  • The Freyr Feature: You will be awarded 3 attacks from 5 targets on the Fire Giant. Each attack will reveal either credits or a multiplier. If you pick a credit value, the credits will be added to the current feature total. If the multiplier is selected, the current feature win is multiplied by the multiplier which may include awards of 5 through 10.

More about the RTPs

  • Level 1 (RTP-94.502%) is entered by collecting 14 Red Runes and unleashes Thor with all his might against Jormungandr and awards 2 multipliers and 10 free spins.
  • Level 2 (RTP-95.281%) features Freyr who battles with Surtr with a 10 free spin 3 multiplier reward, unlocked by collecting Red Runes in the range of 15 to 29.
  • Collect more than 30 Red Runes, you enter the third and final level (RTP-96.516%) where you will also get your hands on the Odin bonus that allows you 8 spins for free which adds Red Runes using a number of unique symbols and credits as well as a multiplier anywhere between 5 and 10 or even to the winning amount.


Ragnorak is a must-play game; one that is exciting with fabulous features, great RTPs, lucrative payouts, and free spins.