Diamond Cherries Slots

Diamond Cherries Slots encompasses the entire screen, which makes it a great game to play. This is yet another classic slot that has not followed the trend but has the pay table to the right of the slot. While this is OK due to the size of the slot on your browser, other pay tables are sometimes confusing and hard to read. This is why I say Bravo to Rival for coming up with a new type of Pay Table for players.

About the Game

Diamond Cherries is your basic traditional slot with 1 pay line. There is a 10 cent coin max with a wager max of $30 per spin. If you can’t afford to bet the max, then use the smaller coins available. The slot itself is fabulously rich in color and design. Although the pay table can be as large as the slot for better viewing (yes, I am biased towards a separate pay table), you can still see the symbols and payouts.

Playing the Game

Diamond Cherries has a special feature. The Diamond symbols are scatters, and the Diamond Cherries are wild. If you get one Diamond Cherry you will win a 2xs multiplier. If you get two Diamond Cherries you will win a 4xs multiplier. As for the jackpot, this depends upon how many coins you bet. Because this is a 3-coin slot, you can win the following when you get the Diamond Cherries Logo: 1 coin pays out 750 coins; 2 coins will pay out 1500 coins; and 3 coins will pay out a jackpot of 2500 coins.


This is a fun game to play especially for classic slot lovers. Having scatters and a wild in a classic slot is different and more enjoyable. We recommend this game highly. Play it at our preferred casinos.