Winsanity Slots

Rival has just released a brand new slot game that will have you at the edge of your seat. This giant sized slot that will take up your entire screen is colorful, very lucrative, and as different as they come for a classic slot.

Can I Play Winsanity in Demo Mode?

Yes you can. Any of our online casinos powered by Rival or those powered by other providers including Rival will allow you to play in Demo Mode particularly if the casino is an Instant Play or Flash casino.

What is the Theme of Winsanity Slots?

It is a basically a classic theme. But it’s also a numbers game. By this I mean it is a multiplier game in which can score easily with each spin. I won $600 on a $30 max bet, and I will tell you about that in the coming topics.

How is Winsanity Designed?

I honestly have to say it is designed to pay out the highest amount you’ve seen in a classic slot. The slot itself is a 3x3 slot with a center pay line only. To the left is the pay table and to the right are the wild multipliers. This is an ingenious game and one that will drive you a little bonkers when you see how the slot game unfolds.

What is the Layout of the Game and Number of Pay lines?

As I mentioned, this is a 3x3 grid slot with only one center pay line. While there are no bonus features per se, there are three wild multipliers that will make all the different in how much you bet. At the bottom of the slot, starting from left to right, you will have the Rival window showing your balance; the plus and minus buttons denoting your bet; the number of coins to bet in this game is 3; the total bet; the Win; AutoPlay, and Spin Button. That’s all you really need in this game.

What Are my Betting Options?

The starting bet is one cent and goes up to $10 with a max bet of $30 per spin. Frankly, it is worth every penny to bet the max in this game as the payouts are awesome.

Errors from Review Sites Drive Me Insane!

I must emphasize here that some sites who have reviewed this game are claiming that the max bet is $75. This is clearly false. Take a moment to think about this. The max number of coins is 3. If you multiply that by the max bet of $10, you come up with $30. I am playing this game now and I can attest to the fact that there is NO $75 max bet. So to be clear, the coin values are: 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, $1, $2, $5 and $10 (the max bet).

Tell me about the Pay table and the Symbols

The Pay table in and of itself is quite Exciting in this game. It is located to the left of the slot. As a classic slot, you will find the traditional symbols with several exceptions. There are Blue 7s, Red single bars, Blue double bars, Green triple bars, Orange quadruple bars (which I won the $600 on), and at the very top of the pay table you will find three multipliers: 2xs, 4xs, and 6xs. If you get all three on the center line and depending upon your bet size, you can win 1000xs 1; 2000xs 2; and 3000xs 3, respectively. Now at the bottom of the pay table you will see the following wild multipliers: 6xs multiplier will appear on reel 3 only; the 4xs multiplier will appear on reel 2 only; and the 2xs multiplier will appear on reel 1 only. When any of these multipliers appear on the indicated reels during the regular game, you will win that multiplier. For example, if you get a 6xs multiplier on reel 3 on the center line, you will win $180 when you bet the max.

Should I Bet the Max in this Game?

Absolutely. The max bet will win you untold rewards in addition to the multipliers that appear on the center pay line as well as the symbols.

Is there a Bonus Round?

No, and frankly you don’t need one in this game.

Are there Free Spins in this Game?

No. But again, with the magnificent multipliers added to this game, there’s no need for any other special features.

What is the Game Return to Player?

The RTP is 94.24%.

What is the Slot Game Rating?

The average rating is around 2.5.

Has there been any slot Game Winners so far?

We do not have this information at this time.

Can I play for Fun and for Real Money?


Is this slot game available for Mobile Play?

Yes. This slot game is designed to work on mobile devices so you can easily open up the game on your smartphone or tablet and start playing. The slot will work anywhere and it’s optimized to run easily on a small screen. All the different buttons will be visible and simple to use.


It is clear to me, and I have said this in several reviews, that not everyone has the correct information about new slot games. Winsanity is a perfect example. Sunshine-Slots is the #1 reviewer of online casinos, slot games, and everything in between. Therefore, I urge you to bookmark this site so that you get clear and honest reviews from the get-go. As for Winsanity Slots, this is a keeper and I encourage all our online players from the US to play this game in Demo Mode and then go on to play for real money. This game is a WINNER.