Panda Party Slots

The introduction to this game is okay, but not great. However, the second screen tells us that Lucky Lanterns will enable the Pandamonium Round. This slot has a Chinese theme, and it is once again interrupted by the card symbols. Set in the bamboo jungles, the Panda symbol is delightful, but the slot itself is another very busy slot.

About the Game

You can view the Pay Table by clicking on its button located at the top left of the slot. At the top right, you will see Pandamonium with the word Off under it. We’ll see what that’s all about later. There is an Auto Play button as well as the Win window at the bottom left. It will give you your wins and multipliers attached to them. The pay table is 5 pages, and I recommend you read it as there are the symbols, payouts, and lots of special features.

Playing the Game

The first page has the card symbols as well as an example of how to win. The second page has 5 symbols with payouts, the highest being the Green Chest worth 1000 coins if you get all five. The third page has two special features: The Free Spins, Jackpot, and the Multipliers. The fourth page has the Pandomonium Round; and the fifth page continues with the round including free spins and more multipliers.

Free Spins

It is noted that free spins can be won in any round you play. Thus, if you get one Panda symbol looking to his right, you will win 1 free spin; 4 Pandas will garner you 5 free spins; and 5 Pandas will give you 40 free spins. On my first spin of this slot, I won 8 free spins for a total of $101.

The Wild Multipliers

The Wild Panda multiplier is looking to his left. During normal play, he will award you 3xs; during the free spins he will give you 5xs; during the super round you will get 7xs; and during the Pandamonium round you will win 3xs.

The Jackpot Panda

The Jackpot Panda symbol is the same as the free spins symbol and will award you 1500 coins if you get all five.

The Pandamonium Round

You can enter the Pandamonium round when free spins are re-triggered while Lucky Lanterns are Green. The Panda symbols will drop with increasing drop multipliers. It also states that the Free Spin become the Jackpot. There are three Pandas that change to drop symbols. (You can view them on page 5 of the pay table). More drops increases payouts. The multipliers are 1xs, 2xs, 4xs, 8xs, 16xs, 32xs, and 64xs. By the way, when you get to the Pandamonium Round the Off button at the top becomes an On button.


Although this is a fun game to play, I found the slot itself a bit much with the bright red card symbols interfering with the Pandas. It can be a very lucrative slot, however, and one I would recommend playing.