Bankroll Reload 5 Lines Slots

As we have just reviewed this slot’s 3-reel, 3-payline game, we are now going to review the next version which is the 5 lines slots. The difference between this slot and the 3-line slot is that the number of special jackpot wins increases to five. Once again, this game is also ideal for new online slot players adding more chances for high payouts as well.

About the Game

Bankroll Reload is a 3-reel, 5-payline slot with a jackpot worth $30,000. In this slot the max coin bet is 5 with a max bet of $25 per spin. Once again, you can use the lower valued coins; but be sure to bet all lines. The pay table is located to the left of the slot as is the 3-payline slot. The symbols are also the same. There is also an Auto Play button for your use.

Playing the Game

In Bankroll Reload 5 Lines Slots, instead of 3 ways to win the highest jackpot, you will have 5 ways to win it. For example, when you get 3 Golden 7s on line 4, you will win the highest payout of 6000 coins; get three 7s on line 5 and you will win 4000 coins; get three 7s on line 3 to win 3000 coins; two 7s on line 2 will win you 2000 coins; and 1 Golden 7 on line 1 will yield a 1000-coin win. In this game, the 7s are also the wild symbols. Land a 7 in any winning combination and you will score.


Bankroll Reload 5 Lines Slots is even more lucrative than its predecessor. It’s obvious why, and it is also one of the more popular of the two. We highly recommend you play this game at our preferred casinos.