Ducks'n'Eggs Slots

Ducks'n'Eggs Slots is a wonderful game to play. It is cute, and fun, and very lucrative. The background of this game is a pond. In this pond you will find Ducks of all kinds, with the rest being eggs with different card letters on them. In this pond you will see a paper boat floating across the screen, as well as a baby duck. It is superb in its design. One other difference is that the reels rise from the bottom of the pond. So unique!

About the Game

This is one of the most entertaining slots I've played. One source quoted Steve Martin stating that "this is a wild and crazy game." Exactly! The total max bet is $100 per spin, but feel free to use the lower coin values as this slot pays off a lot. There is an auto play button you can use. But playing this game is a hoot and I doubt you will want to leave it for a nanosecond. This 5-reel, 20-payline slot offers you the opportunity to make real money. The lower paying symbols are the yellow duck, the white duck, and the ace, king queen, and jack eggs. All symbols are multiplied by bet per line.

Playing the Game

Here's where the fun begins! There are special Ducks in this game: The Zombie Duck, the Alien Duck, the Purple Duck, the Red Haired Duck, the Orange Duck, and the Man Duck. The Zombie Ducks are the Wild symbols and if you get all five you will win 1500 coins. The Alien Duck is the Scatter symbol and you can win the free spins round when three appear anywhere on the reels. Then there's the Frog symbol. Like a duck out of Water, it is the Frog symbol that will take you to the Bonus Round where you will earn 13800 BP (bonus points). So let's start from the top!

Free Spins Round

I also won three free spins rounds for over $1000 by getting the scatter symbols. Here I won 15 free spins a pop. Here is the breakdown for the free spins round: 3 Alien Ducks = 15 free spins; 4 Alien Ducks = 20 free spins; and 5 Alien Ducks = 25 free spins. When you get the Scatter symbol on the reels, a space ship will hover over the Alien Ducks and relay how many free spins you will receive.

The Fabulous Bonus Game

Click one of the three Beavers and maybe you will catch some fish. But beware! You can also end up in Piranha infested waters and the bonus game will end. I clicked on three of the Beavers and won a total of $2075. Now what happens in this game is that the multipliers for each Beaver change with each round. There are three rounds. You can gamble your winnings or collect them. Here is the breakdown for the bonus points: 3 Frogs = 10 - 920 BP; 4 Frogs = 30 - 2760 BP; and 5 Frogs = 50 - 4600 BP.

The Gamble Game

After each win you can quadruple your winnings by choosing the correct suited card - red or black.


In this game I hit both the free spins round and the bonus round and I have to say this is one heck of a fun game. I invite you to play Ducks'n'Eggs at our recommended casinos.