Triple Tigers Slots

In one of the most colorful classic slots we’ve seen, we would like to introduce you to Triple Tigers Slots. The art in this slot game is fabulous, as the tigers come in three distinct colors – gold, purple, and green. The detail of the artwork is stunning. The animal theme is quite popular among online players, and Triple Tigers Slots is no exception. Other than the tigers and classic symbols, there are three red eights, which is a lucky Chinese number. Unfortunately, the tigers are becoming extinct, and if we can draw attention to them, no matter in what genre or arena, we want to do so.

Playing the Game

A traditional game, Triple Tigers Slots is very easy to play. The pay table is located to the left of the slot game showing all the symbols and payouts. However, if you click on the “I” button at the bottom left corner of the slot machine; you will be able to see the full enlarged pay table as well as rules of the game. Get all three Golden tigers to win $2500 with a max bet; get all three purple tigers to win $1500; and get all three green tigers to win $1000. This is perhaps the first time we have seen a game rules and pay table in a classic slot, so please review before playing the game. This is a slot game that everyone can play within their budget.

Play the new Triple Tigers Slots

This is a great game to play especially for new online slot players. The pay table is easy to read, and the payouts are lucrative when you get all three different colored tigers. Therefore, we ask you to join us in playing the new Triple Tigers Slots at our recommended casinos.