Lucky Lagoon Slots

If it is lucky, you’d probably want to, wouldn’t you? A lagoon is an enclosed body of water, although it can be a lake or another pool of water, depending on where you are. But here, we get to see a lucky lagoon, and we’d like to know why said lagoon is lucky, wouldn’t you?

Wager Gaming has created this game for us, so that should be enough to persuade us to check it out in more detail.

Reels and win lines

This is a five-reel game, and you’d be forgiven for thinking there would be lots of paylines in play. However, we only get five lines to bet on in the Lucky Lagoon slot.

Coin values to choose from

With just one cent playable per line here, you can get spinning to try and win on every line at just five cents a go. The coin value can be increased all the way to $10 a time, too.

Lucky Lagoon icons to watch out for

You’ve probably noticed the basic look of the Lucky Lagoon game from Wager Gaming. That’s due to its age, as it ranks as one of the oldest slots in their collection. We could call it a classic for that reason, and perhaps because it features no special symbols. There’s no wild or scatter, and no bonus either.

The one thing you should look out for here is the logo featuring on the reels. If you managed to find that in every position on a paid line, you could expect to receive 10,000 coins in return. That alone is reason enough to give this slot game a try, don’t you think?

Are there bonuses to claim here too?

Well, with no special icons involved in this game, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock to learn there are no bonuses to trigger here. You won’t get a chance to win any free games either, which is a shame.

Download and enjoy a spin on the Lucky Lagoon slot today!

If you like your five-reel slot games to be basic, this is the one for you. Lucky Lagoon is one of a few from Wager Gaming that fits the same mold. If you like the look of it, look out for those as well. But we doubt it is one you would want to play for ages, thanks to its basic appearance.