What's Your Sign?

What's Your Sign? is a 5-reel, video Bonus zodiac themed Bonus Slot powered by Wager Gaming Technology . The theme of the game is astrology, yes, but specifically, the signs of the Zodiac. There are 12 symbols on the reels, plus a wild symbol and a bonus symbol. Each of the 12 main symbols is a sign of the Zodiac. I'll admit that I didn't remember them all, but it came back, and after I'd been playing for half an hour or so, I could name all of them. The graphics are simple, but attractive.

The wild and bonus symbols are a little bit different. The wildcard is a Sun/Moon combination, over a face. It's a bit stylized, but it has a pretty cool animation when it completes a winning combination on any payline. The bonus symbol looks like a small wheel-of-fortune, and it does preview the bonus round. Three bonuses on any active payline will start that bonus round.

The bonus round, as its symbol suggests, is a wheel-of-fortune type game, but with a guaranteed prize to the player. The wheel has twelve symbols, all Zodiac signs, which flash randomly. Stopping the wheel exposes the prize under the lit sign. You get three shots at the wheel, so if your first prize is too small, you have a chance to improve it. A warning, however: if your third spin of the wheel yields the smallest prize, then that'll be your bonus. It's a small risk for a guaranteed win.

I played this game for almost 45 minutes at Liberty Slots Casino . I found it fun, and at the end of the session, I was actually $23 ahead of when I'd started. What's my sign? What's Your Sign?