The Enduring Popularity of Atlantic City

From its earliest days as a beach destination, Atlantic City had a certain charm and beauty about it. That charm and beauty was severely tested by a period of urban decline, with the city falling prey to crime and urban blight. The legalization of gambling, and the opening of many famous casinos, however, revitalized the boardwalk and brought jobs to an area of the country where they were sorely needed.

Today, more than two decades after the opening of that first casino on the boardwalk, Atlantic City continues to be a popular getaway, both for quick day trips and for weekend and weeklong stays. Atlantic City continues to be a popular beach destination, and the boardwalk and beach are both crowded on hot summer days. In addition, however, Atlantic City has become perhaps the most popular of all east coast gambling destinations, and gamblers visit the city every day by the busload and carload to enjoy a day at the casino, see a concert or a play and win the big jackpot at the slot machines. In fact, the casino hotels of Atlantic City are home to some of the biggest progressive slot machines anywhere, and it is to the progressive slots that many regular Atlantic City visitors flock.

In addition, there are many excellent table games, from strip blackjack and poker to craps and roulette, at which new and experienced gamblers alike can try their luck. In addition, as the popularity of tournaments play has grown, so too has the popularity of Atlantic City casinos as a venue for these tournaments. Virtually every game in the casino, from slot machines to poker, has its own tournament play somewhere, and the casinos of Atlantic City are popular choices for tournaments large and small. Whether you are watching as a spectator or participating, tournament play brings an added level of excitement to any casino game. No matter what the reason for visiting Atlantic City, this vibrant gambling destination is a favorite with all kinds of people, young and old alike. After you have visited, it is easy to understand why people continue to flock to this city by the sea.