Bitbet Casino

The Bitbet Casino website manages to be both straightforward and polished at the same time, with no bones about their product. Hundreds of games and even live casino platforms are there for the choosing, with an efficient sign-up process that gets you in the game with just a single click. Their domain specializes in online sports betting, as well as the new form of digital currency that's currently all the rage - Bitcoins. With respect to the latter, there are experts that can correspond with you through email and phone to help you understand everything you need to know about Bitcoin currency, so that you can open a Bitcoin wallet and manage it like a professional. The resources are all there for your perusal on the website, in addition to being able to contact a professional for one-on-one coaching.

More Info on Bitbet Casino Offerings

It's worth it to realize just how significant and unique Bitbet Casino's sign-up process is; you never have to give your most personal information to even the webmasters of the site. This affords you virtually complete anonymity, without restricting your ability to take full advantage of one of the more extensive casino gaming spots around. Racebooks, sportsbooks and more are all at your fingertips. In fact, you can determine the rough amounts of what you stand to win or lose before you even play, given their reputation for fairness and completely regulated game odds. Once you pull the trigger and decide to sign up, Bitbet offers single player and multiplayer options running the entire spectrum of casino games. You can try your hand at Mystery Dice, Minijack, Bitcoin Roulette, Heads or Tails, 777 Lucky Line and more. The ever-popular Progressive Slots are also in the house, meaning the cap on your potential winnings just got blasted off. Bonuses, cash and prices are pretty much at your feet; the more you play the more you stand to win - and you're guaranteed never to suffer from lack of variety.

Bitcoin Support

Unlike some online casinos that hang you out to dry, Bitbet has gathered a veteran crew of experts for their always-on-all support team. Whether you have questions about your personal account, how the casino works, Bitcoin currency or anything else, you'll be able to call and email a rep to find the answers right away. The speed and efficiency is matched only by a few other casinos in cyberspace. So if you're ready for some fun and games and the money that might come with it, sign up at Bitbet Casino and put some extra cash in your pocket.