Aladdin’s Wishes Slots

This game is based on the story of Aladdin. Like in the story, if the player gets the magic lamp then he is rewarded for it. The whole game revolves around the story of Aladdin. If the outcome of the spin yields the lamps then the player is rewarded.

If the player gets three scattered magic lamps after a spin then a special pay out is given. If a player is able to collect 3 or more than three scattered magic lamps then the player can unlock the feature known as the Aladdin's wishes and the player can win two to hundred times the prize money depending on the bet amount.

If the player finds another magic lamp when the Aladdin's wishes feature is on, then the player is sanctioned a total of twenty five free games. That is a player can play another twenty five games without paying anything. If the player hits a combination of Aladdin's icon on the screen, then he gets double the amount of the prize money. Also a player can win the progressive jackpot during the course of the game. The progressive jackpot is allotted to a player randomly in the course of the game.

A player wins the progressive jackpot when the game concludes, and it is not dependent on the denominations used by the player. In this 5 reel game, all symbols are paid from left, with the exception being, the scattered magic lamp. The total winnings can be obtained by adding the winnings on the different line.