Las Atlantis Casino

If Atlantis sounds familiar, it is of course because the famous lost city sank into the deep at some stage during our history. Who knows where it might be now?

We do know where Las Atlantis Casino is though – ready to visit online today. Before you do that, you should read our full review to find out what is involved, what’s on offer, and what you could learn from checking it out.

Supported by a major software brand

You can look forward to playing all the games offered by Realtime Gaming if you sign up to this casino. We can confirm it is powered by RTG.

A straightforward lobby

You may not know where Atlantis is, but you’ll certainly know where the lobby is at this casino namesake. You’ve got various games to check out whenever you get the time, and moving from one type to another is a breeze in this case, thankfully.

Is it easy to sign up for an account at the casino?

Yes – you can see a SIGNUP command in the top right corner. You’re then taken into the account creation page. Nothing too complex there – just the info you would expect to enter if you were going to join any casino.

Signup restrictions are in place

Yes, and the age limit here is higher than you might assume, at 21. That said, you need to confirm whether your location demands a higher limit. If it does, that’s the one to stick to.

Read through the terms and conditions to learn more about the prohibited countries at this casino. Most places are welcome, and happily, we can include people living in America, Australia, and Canada.

Games in huge quantities at this casino

That is great to hear, isn’t it? You’ll get access to dozens of slot games, but RTG has also contributed some cool table games and video poker titles. With a few specialty games also available, it couldn’t be easier to figure out what is up for grabs at this casino.

Slots are the main draw

Yes, and it doesn’t matter which ones you tend to play either. There are ones with three reels and others with five, so you’ll always find your favorites among the collection.

Fancy trying some free games?

The freebies are the demo games, of course, giving you an easy way to figure out whether a game is right for you or not – and all without risking any real cash on it. We like this feature of the available games at this casino and we think you will too.

Playing some paid games

Before you do this, look at the coins available to play with on a title you want to try. You can play the demo, as we know, so use this as a chance to find the games that are best for your budget.

New slot games from RTG – are these the best?

You should know that many classic games from RTG still hold the attention today. Of course, as they have gained experience, the team has created many engaging and exciting games for modern players too. If ever they release something new, you’re going to get it – that’s guaranteed at Las Atlantis Casino.

Promotions fall into three areas

We like the way the casino has organized this area. The Game of the Month option is worthwhile, as it always focuses on a different game each month. Of course, you’ve got the welcome offer too, along with other deposit bonuses for future deposits you might make.

What about tournaments?

No, we didn’t see anything like this at Las Atlantis Casino. We’ll update you if there are changes to that situation.

Casino winners crop up on the home page

Underneath the main image for the casino, you’ll see a small panel that always changes from one line of info to another. You’ll see which player won a prize, how much was involved, and which game proved good to them.

What about earning some rewards?

Some casinos make this a lot easier to find out more about than others. At Las Atlantis, it seemed as if the info had sunk along with the fabled city!

We found it though, hidden in the FAQ section. You can collect comp points as you play, so look out for those to begin mounting up in your account for real wagers.

Mobile and app access

There isn’t an app for Android or iOS, but don’t assume that means you can’t pick up your smartphone or tablet to visit this casino. You can – you just need to use your favorite mobile browser to go there. Many of the games are mobile friendly too.

Try some games and play without registration

Isn’t that great news? There is no need to worry about signing up to check out the demo titles at the casino. Most are playable without an account. When you’re ready to make proper wagers, it doesn’t take long to create an account and make a deposit (don’t forget your welcome bonus).

Instant play at Las Atlantis Casino

This is the way forward at this casino. They don’t muddy the waters with downloads or apps, as you can see from our review.

Could you become an affiliate?

Yes, if you own a website focusing on a casino topic, you might well benefit from the program. This is handled by Top One Partners.

There is nothing sporting about Las Atlantis

You might have gathered this already, since the casino is just that – a casino with no sporting elements involved.

Learn more about the casino by reading blogs and forums

Some blogs and forums focus their attentions on online casinos. That means you can learn more about what other players might think about this site too.

What about live dealer games?

The casino doesn’t display any on the landing page. However, as we were reading through the terms and conditions, we did see they got a mention. So, while they’re not the main attraction, it looks like there are some games to play.

Depositing funds at Las Atlantis Casino

There are lots of ways you can do this, covering cards, e-wallets, and Bitcoin. They even have gift card options if you buy them via a qualifying credit card.

How to withdraw your winnings

If things go your way, you can choose from several withdrawal options at the casino. Bitcoin and credit cards are acceptable, but you could choose bank wire instead if you wish.

Bitcoin works for deposits and withdrawals

It’s not the only method you can use for both purposes, but it is a smart one to try. We didn’t see any codes that supply bonuses for deposits, but that doesn’t mean they will never add any.

How can you seek help?

The best way is to access the live chat feature. This is open to everyone, so if you have any further queries before you sign up to be a member of Las Atlantis Casino, now is the time to ask.