LinesMaker Casino

As I mentioned in our Facebook news for today, many online casinos that are all-inclusive, that is to say, offer sports book, racing, and other types of gambling do not have the full range of game play that would make the casino end of it a hit. Moreover, if it does offer sports betting, you can “bet” it will be at the top of the charts due to the recent Supreme Court decision to legalize sports betting. Thus, LineMaker is one that falls under the “we sort of have a casino” genre. This casino is not the only one I have reviewed this week. There are several others that fall into this category. But that’s the nature of the beast.

Casino Promotions

  • The first time you login to LineMaker Casino you will be greeted with the Big Wheel O' Free Money game. Take a spin of the wheel and you could win up to $30 per spin.
  • Club Cash Points: The more you play the more we pay Earn Club Cash points with every casino game you play. Cash in your points for Real Money, Free Money, Free Payouts, and more.
  • Poker Promotions: LinesMaker Casino has implemented an all-new line up of MTT Guaranteed events. For more information, please click on the Poker Games Tab.

Casino Games

Here’s where we come into a problem, one which I have delineated several times about all-inclusive casinos. None of the Click to Play Casino Games comes up. This reduces the attractiveness and game play experience of this online site. Even the Help button didn’t reveal any information about the games.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, although there is a Player Support page, it doesn’t yield any information other than to create a “ticket” by clicking on the Ticket Center.

Bad News All Around

If sports betting is your thing, then by all means visit LinesMaker. However, if you are looking for a good casino that you can truly enjoy, LinesMaker is not for you.