Chase the Cheese Slots

If you are adept at playing Super Mario or other Nintendo games, you are going to love playing Chase the Cheese Slots at Drake Casino . With a bonus round that is totally interactive and requires a certain amount of skill, this progressive slot is, in our opinion, one of a kind.

Game Facts

A 4-reel, 9-payline progressive bonus video slot, Chase the Cheese is colorful, fun to play, and has lucrative value. As a $1 dollar, this slot will appeal to all slot players who are also video gamers. The coin denominations begin at two cents and max at $1, with a total of $45 per spin. Its unusual configuration allows for payouts with each spin. To the left of the slot is a mouse hole where the cutest little mouse pops his head in and out during game play.

Loveable Mickey!

The symbols in Chase the Cheese contribute to the payout wins and include: the Mouse, the Jackpot Icon, Wild Icon, Chase the Cheese Icon, Mousetrap, Top Hat and Cane, Red Seven, Cheese, Cherries, and Plum. The Jackpot Icon, when appearing 4 times with a max spin will win you the progressive jackpot. The Wild Icon substitutes for all other symbols. The Chase the Cheese Icon, when appearing three or more times, will activate the bonus round.

Chase the Cheese Bonus Round

Now here is where things get tricky. The bonus round requires that you use the space bar and arrows to get Mickey to jump onto platforms to get to the cheese. You have to guide the mouse, using the controls, through every level and collect as many pieces of cheese as possible. There will be many obstacles in your way, but if you can avoid them, in the limited time provided, you can win a huge payout.

Play Chase the Cheese Slots at Drake Casino

The key to winning Chase the Cheese Slots bonus round takes skill and eye hand coordination. If you are already a video gamer, you probably won’t have a problem. If not, you will have plenty of chance to win this bonus game if you just keep trying. That’s the beauty of Chase the Cheese Slots; you will have ample opportunities to win. Play Chase the Cheese Slots, a game that is both challenging and loads of fun, at Drake Casino.