Juicy Stakes Casino is Not Well Done

There are occasions when we review an online casino that we find it does not live up to expectations. Unfortunately, Juicy Stakes Casino is one of them. The first thing we noticed is that the FAQ section, which would normally provide players with facts about Juicy Stakes Casino, is non-descriptive. Secondly, when you click on the category of games, there are no games listed at all, just a small blurb about what a great selection they offer. Finally, the home page is in a word "blah." Considering this is a brand new casino, we would have hoped they would have updated their information, but even the promotions are outdated. To be fair, however, they do list promotional items but we have no way of knowing if they still exist as there are no dates associated with them. Before joining this casino, we would advise you contact customer support to determine what games are available and the dates of the promotions.