Café Casino Online Bingo

Among the many casino games offered at Café Casino online, we’ll bet you didn’t know that Bingo is so much in demand that café online casino has added additional Bingo games for their players? In fact, in the last 5 months, café casino online has added an additional five new Bingo games to its portfolio. The word we receive from players is pure excitement. The new Bingo games are:

  • Amazonia Bingo: four ways to play, a bonus round, and wind up in the Amazonia forest where the critters you locate will payout unique prizes.
  • Pesca Bingo: This has an underwater theme. A 30-ball Bingo game, you’ll want to purchase more numbers to that you can land one of 12 winning patterns.
  • Bingo Ribeirinhos: (Say that 5 times fast!) A 32-ball game in which you find yourself at a river village. Here you receive extra balls from the fishermen – up to 13 of them! It’s better than fish!
  • Tribo Bingo: This game has 10 winning patterns with an Archery bonus round as well. Start practicing now because the extra balls feature will garner you up to 12 additional numbers if you hit the target.
  • Bingo Goal: If you love Soccer, you’ll love Bingo Goal. It has its own bonus round with cash prizes. There are ten patterns that are unique to this game. How many goals can you score playing Bingo Goal?

Join Café Casino and have your lucky numbers ready to play these five new fantastic Bingo Games.