Leaderboards: A New Way of Competing at Bovada Casino

In the past, Leaderboards were used as a way to show what players were leading in online games. While some casinos would show only those who won large prizes using a scroll system, it is Bovada Casino that is leading the way towards a new and more exciting competition by using Leaderboards. Competing against other players for bonuses is the new trend at Bovada Casino. Thus, Leaderboards were put in place for players who earned points playing casino games. The more points you earn, the higher your ranking will be, and if you finish in the top 3, 5, or 10, you are sure to win great bonuses. What is unique about Bovada Casino Leaderboard is that it will automatically count the number of points you earn for regular games as well as special competitions. For example: playing Fast & Sexy Slots , A Night With Cleo Slots , Bulletproof Babes Slots , and the New Blackjack game will give you the points you need to have your name listed on the Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard Competition

At Bovada Casino, competitions are run daily and each one is free to join, meaning there is no buy-in as with other daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments. Simply visit the Leaderboards section located on the home page of Bovada Casino and opt-in to any competition that you would like to enter. Then play your games within the time frame given and start accumulating points. To earn the points with slots, for example, just play the games, and you will receive points with every spin. For Blackjack and other table games, you’ll earn points just for playing a hand or making a wager.

Climb Your Way to the Top

Obviously, this new Leaderboard venue will enhance the way you play online casino games, and offer exciting bonuses as you level up with each game you play. Join Bovada Casino and enjoy the new and exciting Leaderboard Competition. Invite your friends to do the same. The more you play the better chance you will have to make it to the top.