It’s All in the Numbers: Do You Have a Favorite Casino Game?

If I had to answer this question, my favorite number game at casinos would be roulette. If you ask others, some might choose another casino game where math plays an important part. As far as online casinos go, it is all in the numbers. Slots have random “number” generators; Bingo deals with letter/number calling; Keno is all about numbers, i.e., choosing the correct ones; and then there’s Sudoku, which you really have to have a head for math to enjoy. Lottery is a numbers game in every sense of the word as well. Thus, there are a myriad of number games that people all around the world enjoy. So now that we have chosen some of the best number games; at what casinos would you play these games. The answer is simple. Go to any of our top online casinos for US players and you would generally find a category called Specialty games. These games include some or all of the numbers games we’ve mentioned. Let’s take a look at one casino in particular whose numbers games are the most popular - Slots.LV Casino .


As I mentioned in the opening, I love Roulette, and this game, too, is a popular one at Did you know that both the American and European versions were invented by Mr. Pascal, a French mathematician? He also invented the first ever calculator. Roulette is a game in which math does play an important part.


Of course, one would think that slots would be the most popular. But you’d be wrong. Actually, it’s Sudoku. Originating in Japan, Sudoku is a slot game you can play at Casino. Frankly, I wasn’t aware it became a slot. Moreover, it’s a slot game in which you can win the 50,000-coin jackpot!

Bingo and Keno

Now these two numbers games are perhaps ever more popular around the world that the former two. If you’ve ever been to a Bingo parlor, which is becoming a dying art since you can play a myriad of variations of Bingo at online casinos, it is more fun to play today than ever before. There are chat rooms, bonus rounds, and a bevy of American and European Bingo games at Keno, one of the oldest numbers games was originated in China thousands of years ago. Here, the numbers drawn are chosen at random. Match the 15 numbers you’ve picked, and you win big time.

Numbers Games Will Remain the Most Popular at Online Casinos

Regardless of the type of numbers game you play, and there are a host of other games where having a head for math will get you quite far; it is a way of exercising your brain while winning at the same time. For most seniors, one of the tips for keeping their brains active is by playing numbers games. Soduko can usually be found in a daily newspaper; Keno and Bingo can be played online for fun at; they can even play slot games for fun. Keeping the brain active using numbers is a great exercise for people who have memory problems. You don’t have to make bets, but you can still enjoy these games via Instant Play. The idea is to get into the numbers game even if you are not good at math. Playing these games will increase your math abilities in no time.