Betting on Politics in the USA

If you had asked me to place a bet on who would become President of the US, my money would have been on Hillary Clinton. And so it goes…..Political betting is becoming a popular genre especially in the sportsbook world. Bovada Casino has political betting, and frankly I am not surprised given the size and scope of the problems we are having in our government. While political betting is not limited to the US, it is here that the market for this genre has risen substantially. For example, you can bet on who you think the next President of the US will be. Currently, I am particularly hoping there will be a political bet on whether Trump will be impeached.

Other Forms of Political Betting

While Presidential betting may be the most popular, at least today, it is not relegated to just the White House. Republicans and Democrats alike, as a party, will also have their names included in the process. The recent Mayoral election is one such bet that left many scratching their heads. But that’s politics. Midterm elections and the President’s approval rating are both on top of the list. So what Sportsbook do you choose to place your political bets?

Sportsbook Reputation

Bovada has a great reputation for sportsbook and casino betting. However, if you choose another site, be sure to research it thoroughly. Dare I say that some sportsbook sites are “conservative” in their prices and concentrate more on sports than politics. There are a myriad of sportsbetting sites that do offer political betting. Our advice is to stick with those that we recommend as they have already been “vetted” by us.